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PIF (Patent Information Forum) is for everybody working with patent information in Denmark and southern Sweden. The purpose of this forum is professional networking and knowledge sharing. Read more in our mission statement.

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PIF was established in 2002. The inspiration was a presentation by the Netherlands' patent user group at the Epidos Conference in Copenhagen October 2002, which resulted in a request for a similar Danish group.


Previous meetings

PIF arranges 2-3 member meetings every year.

Previous meetings, topics:

Meetings 2019:
November 14th at Act.Global. The new Derwent Innovation by Benno Jensen, Clarivate. EPOPIC 2019 by Åse Damm, Rockwool and Tine Nielsen, Ferring. General subject on Semantic search benchmarking, comparison of various tools by Katja Sørensen PV and Lisbeth Gauguin, Coloplast.

May 2nd at Lundbeck. Minesoft presented news in PatBase by Mie Rasmussen. EPOPIC 2018 by Lisbeth Gauguin, Coloplast. News from EPO/SACEPO by Katja Sørensen, PV. QPIP - PER by Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck. Annual meeting.

Meetings 2018:
October 25th at Plougmann Vingtoft. "Fremtidens patentverden” by Sune Stampe Sørensen, CEO, PVS. EPOQUENet by Tanja Häusermann-Güntzel, PVS. IPscreener by Linus Wretblad, CEO, Uppdragshuset. CEPIUG anniversary conference, Milano 2018 by Katja Sørensen, PV and Tine Klein Mikkelsen, Novozymes. CEPIUG meeting by Daria Wagner, ACT.Global. QPIP certification by Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck. Development round on latest tools, webinars, seminars, courses and articles.

April 11th at Patent- & Varemærkestyrelsen (DKPTO). CEPIUG Anniversary Conference Sept. 2018 by Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck. QPIP Certificering by Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck. Development round on latest tools, webinars, seminars, courses and articles. Derwent Innovation and AI by Benno Jensen, Clarivate Analytics. Roundtable on experiences with AI. SACEPO by Katja Sørensen, Plougmann Vingtoft. Annual meeting.

Meetings 2017:
November 18th at Hempel. Tips and tricks for purchasing from information providers by Anders Lautrup-Larsen. TRIZ update by Åse Damm and Lars Hald, Rockwool. PIUG conf. 2017 by Bodil Hasling, PVS. EPOPIC 2017 by Tine K. Mikkelsen, Novozymes. QPIP update, PDG (Patent Documentation Group) and CEPIUG conf. 2018 by Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck.

May 2nd at GN Store Nord, Annual meeting. IP valuation, introduction by Simon Rahlf Hauptmann, PVS and Webex presentation by Martin Brassell, CEO Inngot. Patent Portfolio Management with IPscore (Recorded webinar) by Johannes Schaaf, EPO. Round table discussion on IP valuation. Minutes from II-SDV, Nice 2017 by Lisbeth Gauguin, Coloplast. CEPIUG Tool Survey by Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck. Latest initiatives from EPO (SACEPO) by Katja Sørensen, Plougmann og Vingtoft. "Development round" on latest tools, webinars, seminars, courses and articles.

Meetings 2016:
November 2nd at Plougmann & Vingtoft. Presentation of Questel Orbit by Daniel Lis, Questel. Experience with Chinese search providers by Åse Damm, Rockwool. QPIP – Certification and questionnaire by Klaus Gundertofte, H. Lundbeck. Tool survey, each company presented end-user products used within their organisation.

April 7th at Lundbeck, Annual meeting. TRIZ, Theory of inventive problem solving, presented by Åse Damm og Lars Hald, Rockwool. Experience with search providers, Åse Damm and Klaus Gundertofte. Minutes from EPOPIC by Michaela Rasmussen, Coloplast. Minutes from IPI-ConFex by Benno Jensen, Thomson. Google Patents by Ian Wetherbee. Update from SACEPO by Katja Sørensen, P&V.

Meetings 2015:
October 8th at DuPont. Surveillance, technology and competitors' patents, Presentation by Anne Bülow Find, DuPont. Roundtable discussions on the same subject. STN update by Christian Skotte, CAS. Classification update by Tanja Güntzel, PVS. PSGp 2015 Tokyo presented by Lisbeth, Coloplast. Certification update by Klaus, Lundbeck.

April 16th at Rockwool, Annual Meeting. Presentations of Patent iNSIGHT Pro by Manish Sinha and Intellexir by Jean-Michel Careil. Minutes from EPOPIC by Åse Damm, Rockwool and IPI-ConfEx by Lisbeth Gauguin, Coloplast. Update on Certification by Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck.

Meetings 2014:
October 2nd at PVS, Searching Google Patents by Steen Ammentorp, infoGate. Searching BRIC countries by Daria Petersen (Russia) and Bodil Hasling (China, Brazil), both PVS and Steen Ammentorp (India). Roundtable discussion on general IT security issues when using Google/Internet for patent information searches.

March 27th at Infomedia, Annual meeting. Introduction by Infomedia on their services, Presentation of ProQuest by Gabrielle Derriks, Proquest. Update on certification and QPIP by Klaus Gundertofte. Minutes from EPOPIC by Charlotta Berglund, Novo Nordisk and IPI-ConfEx by Rolf Hohlweg, Novozymes.

Meetings 2013:
October 8th at Plougmann & Vingtoft, Århus. Mie Rasmussen from Minesoft presented latest improvements in PatBase. Again Sven from PVS gave an update on CPC. Lisbeth and Michaela presentated handling of competitor surveillance at Coloplast.

March 20th at Coloplast, Annual meeting. Benno Jensen and Sven Nytoft presented their experience with CPC so far at Thomson Reuters and the Danish Patent Office (PVS). Klaus Gundertofte (Lundbeck) reported from IPI-ConfEx in Sevilla and gave an update on certification.

Meetings 2012:
October 11th at GN Netcom: 10 years anniversary meeting!
PIF 10 years by Tine K. M. (Novozymes). Patent Information before and now by Christian Skotte (CAS). Certification, Klaus G. (Lundbeck). East meet West by Åse Damm (Rockwool). CPC by Tanja Güntzel (PVS) and Hans Andersen (Infoco). Visit to GN Research Lab.

April 23rd at Lundbeck: Free non-English patent information by Tine Nielsen, PVS and Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck, short presentation on the subject from all members. Certification (Klaus G.), Mock exams and minutes from IPI-ConfEx by Lisbeth Gauguin, Coloplast. Annual meeting.

Meetings 2011:
September 27th at Guardian IP: Legal Status presentations by Annette Nystrup (PVS) ”Legal Status - PLUSPAT, WPI, INPADOC ander other sources” and Klaus Gundertofte (Lundbeck) on ”Tracking of withdrawn patents/applications". Short presentations on the subject by all present companies.

May 16th 2011 at DKPTO: Updates on Thomson Innovation by Benno Jensen. Minutes from IPI-Confex by Bodil Hasling, PVS. Minutes from EPOPIC by Tone Harrit, PVS. Presentation from Coloplast (Malene J, Lisbeth G, Michaela R) on how they handle all the different services they provide in the Patent Search function. Annual Meeting.

Meetings 2010:
October 7th 2010 at Rockwool: Freedom to Operate analysis - presentation by Marc Münzer, Guardian IP, incl. presentation of Invention Navigator. Minutes from IPI-Confex by Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck.  

February 4th 2010 at VKR: Patent landscapes - presentations by VKR (Søren Lolk), Rockwool (Åse Damm) and Danish Patent Office (Tone Harrit), short presentations by all present companies on the subject. Annual meeting.

Meetings 2009:
September 3rd 2009 at Coloplast: Competitor surveillance - presentations by Coloplast (Malene, Lisbeth, Hasse) and GN Netcom (Lars K.P.). Short presentations from all companies present on their handling of competitor surveillance. Updates on IPC8 by Åge L, PVS and Henrik Bang, Dialog.

January 29th 2009 at Thomson-Reuters - Presentation of Thomson Innovation by Benno Jensen followed by the Annual meeting.

Meetings 2008:
September 25th 2008 at Lundbeck - Nikolai Bisgaard and Arne Kraglund from GN Resound and Rockwool respectively talked about patent strategies within their companies.

February 25th 2008 - Annual meeting at LEO Pharma with information about course as Patent Information Specialist in Copenhagen in the spring. See: http://www.patentinformation.nl/
Free internet databases by Steen Ammentorp, infoGate and Åge Larsen, PVS.

Meetings 2007:
November 28th 2007 - Workshop with Stephen Adams at the Danish Patent & Trademark Office.

September 13th 2007at P&V - Thomas Eskebæk from Sapio Systems talked about ScioSphere and ScioSphere Viewer.

March 12th 2007 - Ron Kaminecki from Thomson Scientific talked about Competitive Intelligence from Intellectual Property Databases on Dialog and Advanced Prior Art Searching on Dialog.

Januar 25th 2007 - Hans and Åge crossed swords. Hans G. Andersen from Infoco and Åge Larsen, DKPTO discussed online searching versus CD-rom searching. This was followed by accounts from 'EPO Patent Information Conference 2006", and then our annual meeting.

Meetings 2006:
May 3rd 2006 - Automated survaillance of the status of competitors patent publications. Presentation by Jörn Rehse, Entory of their product synOPSis.

February 1st 2006 - Accounts from 'EPO Patent Information Conference 2005' and 'Online Information 2005'. Followed by the annual meeting.

Meetings 2005:
June 1st 2005 - News from IPI Confex plus workshop on Internet searching.

January 18th 2005 - Workshop on certification on Patent Information Searchers. Followed by the annual meeting.

Meetings 2004:
April 29th 2004 - Classification now and in the future.
Presentation of IPC8 and discussion on manual indexing.

March 4th 2004 - Patent alerts
Workshop on creating search profiles, choise of database and cost/benefit evaluation.

Meetings 2003:
November 25th 2003 - Focus on Prior-art searching, with a workshop trying STN, Dialog and Questel-Orbit. Followed by the annual meeting.

May 22nd 2003 at PVS - Analysis tools. Presentation of: Derwent Analytics, Aureka Online System, Profil analysis' from DKPTO and PIUG 2003

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