Mission Statement for the PIF user group.

Within the fields of patents searching and analysis the development has come about in a high speed. Therefore there is a need for a common forum for users and providers of this information in Denmark. Similar groups exist abroad (PIUG, WON, PTMG).


The headlines for the Danish group are:



  • To create a common forum for all users and providers of patent information in Denmark.
  • To encourage networking among the members of the group.
  • To strengthen co-operation between information providers and information users and to increase the flow of information between these two groups.
  • To improve searching qualifications of the members.
  • To increase the awareness of new patent information tools.
  • To be a social forum.


Meetings for the members and for subgroups of the members.
This includes an annual meeting and 1-2 additional member meetings during the year as well as theme meetings for smaller groups according to suggestions.
Each meeting will preferably be based on a lecture.
Focus on new patent information products.

Co-operation with similar groups in other countries (e.g. WON (NL), PIUG (US)).
Presentations held by information providers.
Keeping the members informed about conferences/meetings and other events.


There is a board consisting of 5-7 persons, representing patent information specialists employed in private consultancy, the industry, and national patent authorities.
The members of the board are elected for two years, with 3-4 representatives elected every year. The election is performed each year at the annual meeting.

The Board

Responsibilities of the board:


Participation in planned activities.

Arranging meetings/seminars and inviting speakers.
Keeping the members informed (homepage and e-mails).
Share information and knowledge with the rest of the group.
Suggesting new topics for upcoming member meetings.

Managing the list of members.
Keeping the Forum alive.


Board members:

Tine Klein Mikkelsen, Novozymes, tkmx@novozymes.com
Katja Sørensen, Plougmann Vingtoft, ksn@pv.eu 
Daria Wagner, ACT.Global, daw@act.global
Lars Kjer Pedersen, GN Store Nord, lkpedersen@gn.com  
Lisbeth Gauguin, Coloplast, dklga@coloplast.com
Klaus Gundertofte, Lundbeck, kgu@Lundbeck.com
Tanja Häusermann-Güntzel, thg@dkpto.dk


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